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collection update, worlds, and a couple questions.

  Hi everyone!
  So i've gotten lots of packages since I joined a few weeks ago. Thought I would share how my collection is coming along. If you would just like to see the photos go straight to the cut
  I had a couple questions, I want to learn how to make plushies. Where is a good place online to order minky fabric? Also when I google it, some websites have different kinds of minky fabric chenille, and something else. Which is the best to get to make plushes?
  On another note, I live on the big island of Hawaii. So if anyone going to worlds would like info about the island or had any questions I'd be happy to help. 

  I do have one want. If anyone has this I <3 Pikachu for sale? I see them online but thought I would ask here first.

 I LOVE PIKACHU Banpresto Ball Chain Plush Purple Heart


My collection is coming along well, I would like to find more Ninetales items. However right now cash flow is tight as my son's birthday is a couple weeks, and I'm saving for Worlds. Enough of my blabber, here are the photos.


This is my first plush, I found a pony pattern on deviantart by voodoo-tiki. I made the fire myself. 


Made from felt, as it is my first plush and I was not sure I would like the pattern. I am going to make my own pattern and try again. 



My Suicune collection is coming alone, more than I had when I started with only 1 pokedoll.


My little Ninetales collection and others all thrown in there.


Poor plushes are all clustered together, I need to find a new glass cabinet.


My I <3 Pika's sleigh riding in the middle of my beadwork. Missing the one laying down.


I cuddle the big pikachu but thought I would throw him in here . These are some my JP pokedolls.


Here are the plushes I got from collectors here to give to my son for his birthday. :)

Thats all for now folks!

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