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Otakon Meetup~!

 So... since Glacidea can no longer make this convention -sadface-, I thought I would make the meetup post for Otakon 2012~ <3 Since I was co-planner anyway xD
I think most of you decided you where free on Saturday instead of Sunday? Sadly Saturday isn't my pokemon cosplay day, but the cosplay will be easy to spot me in for the meet up~!

I will pretty much have a huge scythe and will even make a little sign for you guys~ (plus I'll bring my travel buddy, Sparky my blitzle, along with me)

So Saturday's pokemon photoshoot will be at 4.... and I would honestly like to avoid mixing up with it to much ^^ I was thinking maybe we could meet up at 3? and hang out for like.. 45 min before the actual shoot. I can even help people with finding the location for the shoot since it will be my 5th year at this convention~! <3
I honestly won't be staying for the photoshoot so that's why I'd prefer not to have our meet right after..... Like I saw some people suggest

I would like to have your opinions on times though~! <3 I like the 3 time... but I don't know if that will conflict with anyone

I will be checking other photoshoots around the time we decide and pick what would be a good place to meet up without being to crowded!!!!

ALSO! let me know if you are cosplaying or not~ <3 I'd love to know!!! xD

I'd also love to meet with anyone before hand too~ ^^

and if you'd like to add a sales page or trade page in the comments.... we could do some swapping without having to deal with the stupid shipping fees
If they're in the comments, everyone will see them!
and I'll even plug them in the entry I'm planning to make on Wednesday~ for anyone interested.... (if you don't want it being plugged... just let me know! It'll just be a small text plug... no image links... so we don't seem to spam xD)

Sorry this post is so close to the con.... I was on vacation with a lack of internet....

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