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Anime Iowa Meetup and looking for a small item?

Since AI is in less the a week and no one has made any meet announcements that i have seen D:

since the pokemon photo shoots are going to be at 4:00pm on Friday AND Saturday
i figured we could have the meet on Friday at 3:00pm. I am thinking it could be inside in the living room area, with the couches, by the front desk? but let me know what you guys think!
AI photoshoot times:

I will be in multiple  cosplays during the convention: Ein Fursuit, Mika fursuit, Houndour, Holo from spice and wolf, Neko maid, POSSIBLY Mizore from Rosaro+Vampire. heres some of the outfits and since i know that some of the cosplays are not Pokemon heres a link to the photobucket album, i have tried to title the photos so you know what they are, however i only have a picture of the mizore wig due to the cosplay still waiting on the shoes to get here, which should be here on monday :U:

also please note that Mika *grey and rainbow fursuit* are previous photos from the owner, its a suit im picking up while there so if you see Ein and Mika walking around together i will be the Ein suit. the previous owner will be in the Mika suit if we are walking around together.

i am also looking for a Tyranitar Papercraft so if anyone has one please let me know <3

also wanted to show off this candle i just made :D

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