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Recent gets/updates to my collection and sales of leftovers from said gets. D: Checkitout!
(also, after posting this I hope to go on a spree of returning feedback for everybody waiting for it, so prz wait)

First up, I got this awesome combusken! He was already really cheap when I went to buy him, but the seller gave me even more of a discount, so it was only 100 yen. :D I love the Torchic line, so this is awesome. Mint condition!

My lottery loses wins! I really wanted Torchic and decided I needed psyduck once I saw how derpy it is. I wanted the Keldeo figure, too, 'cause it's really cool, but I couldn't win it and decided it is not meant to be! At least I got a few of the things I wanted, and I didn't go over my lotto budget!

Pokeman popcorn bucket from the movie. It's holding some of my paint tubes. The design on this is really cool!

Lastly, HOW I HAVE SWEAT FOR THESE. These are from the new set of special AEON-only badges/pins that were released last weekend. (Guess what kind of pokemon I like?!) I had to go to five different AEON stores before I finally found one that is carrying them, and it's a rather hilly 40-minute bike ride away from where I live. >___< So tired...!

And now, time for some saaaales!

Things to note:
*sales permission was granted by denkimouse in January 2011

*items will be shipped via standard airmail from Japan. I try to reuse materials/use cheap materials and reinforce things with cardboard to keep shipping costs low, and if you don't specify that you prefer otherwise beforehand, that's what I will use. Shipping prices will depend on your country of residence and the weight of items, so please remember to include your country of residence.

*I do not make enough profits to be able to take responsibilty for lost packages, so please request tracking (+4$) if you are concerned about not knowing where your package is.

*I usually get items mailed within a week of receiving payment.

*I can hold items up for 24 hours if you want. Note that saying something like, "how much to __?" does not mean I will hold on to it while I wait for you to maybe get back to me about if you want it . Please be clear if you actually intend to purchase something so I know to hang onto it for you and not offer to someone else!



big 2004 terrycloth buddies. mudkip is very pleased. treecko less so. Used but in nice shape! :D
12$ each.

NO PAPER TAGS. Used plush!
Kyogres/Lugia pokedolls: 14$ each.
Banpresto kirlia/charmander plush: 5$ each
Blastoise plush: 10$

Lotto prizes!
Meloetta/meowth plush: 22$ each
Pokedoll figures: 10$ each
Straps (keldeo/white kyurem): 9$ each
cup: 9$

Keldeo promotional card/sticker set: 10$? (I don't collect cards so am not a good judge of card prices, sorry...)

movie pins! wanted virizion but faaiiled. 6$ each.



Badge sales! I forgot to pick up a couple of pokemon badges I'm interested in (joltiks!), so I'm headed back later this week (day depends on when the weather's good, but somewhere inbetween Tuesday-Thursday!) to pick them up. I'll pick up some extras for other people if you have any you want me to grab. I am going to do this simply and separately from my above sales to make it easy for everyone. Here's how it'll work:

4$ per badge. The badges on sale are all of the B/W gen pokemon + pikachu.

Shipping costs:
up to 3: 3.50$
4-6: 4.25$
7+: 4.75$

Please add up your own costs (for the badges!) and comment with your total/which pokemon you want me to get for you. I will then get them and let you know to pay once I have them! As long as I see your comment before I go (I'll respond to let you know I've seen it), consider yourself OK.


OK, kind of an emergency here. I have NO internet. The internet at my entire apartment complex is broken, and I was rather unapologetically told by my landlord that it could be 5 days before they bother to come out and check it, and maybe even next week if they are extremely lazy, since they don:t work on weekends. I am really stressed out and panicked, so I am putting my sales ON HOLD for now until my internet is back again. I:m sorry, but I have no way to check anything on the internet. I can:t get in touch with anyone or check anything on livejournal. I am at a manga cafe now and only have a little bit of time even to write this.

However, I WILL be picking up badges as promised. I want to make sure I go while the stock is good so I don:t disappoint anyone, so I:m going to check over everybody:s comments right now and then head out to the mall. I:m asking you to trust that I went and remember that I got these for you until I can get my internet back to you to ask you to pay me. :( I am going to rush to reply to everyone that I can right now to let you know that I have you down.

I:m really sorry about this, but it is totally out of my control and there is nothing I can do about it. Thank you for your patience.
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