shiny_vulpix (shiny_vulpix) wrote in pkmncollectors,

squishy figures and plush auctions + sales!

Hi guys! I have a small collection update in the works, but not everything has arrived yet, so - time for another batch of auctions! For this round I have a neat Tomy Christmas Pichu, three UFO/Banpresto plush including the most wonderfully round Marill I have ever held, Dratini and Zubat Applause plush, and a bunch of neat rubbery figures! Auctions will end this Friday - check them out HERE!

I've also updated my sales post with Pokedolls, DX UFO Darkrai and Tomy Aipom plush, and figures/keychains/kids etc. As always I'd be more than happy to do holds or combine shipping with anything in my auctions, and haggling/trades are welcome! That's it for now - thanks for reading! :D

Tags: aipom, darkrai, eevee, marill, pichu, sales
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