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AZ Collectors--Finalizing Plans for Meet Up!!

Hi Guys!

Please click below for the final new post about the meet up on Saturday 7/28! :)

i can't believe we are here already!! time has just flown by. i feel like i just posted about this and here we are less than a week away! :)

this post will be used to finalize who will be there, time of meet up, place, carpool, and any activities we want to plan in advance.

First, here is who i have down who will be at the meet up:


let me know if i left anyone off. and of course if you are seeing this post as a first about the meet up and want to go, please let me know and i will add you to the list! :)

Second, Time and Place of meet up:

Bookmans Mesa
1056 S. Country Club Dr.
Mesa, AZ, 85210

(480) 835-0505 

Saturday 07/28/12 at 11 am (this is 2 hours after they open, but i know there are a few people coming from Tuscon and we don't want them to have to wake up too early for their drive;) )

Since it is so hot outside, i think we should meet in the Cafe area. i know their are table and chairs. this is where the meet up will take place anyway. 
i looked up the Cafe and it looks like they sell good lunch items. so  if we wan to do lunch, at least we don't need to go anywhere!

Third, Carpool:

i know a few people are very nicely offering rides to anyone who needs them. below a carpool thread has been made so everyone who needs to can make plans in one place.

Fourth, Activities:

i know most of us are into the video game. i was hoping maybe we could do a small tournment:) i have small prizes i can give to the winners(nothing great. no Japanese items; just American, but still kind of neat). or we could just randomly battle each other and i can give a prize to the winner of each battle. thoughts? ideas?

I saw one person is planning on bringing their cards. anyone else into the TCG? collecting or playing? (i am both and will be bring cards. i haven't played in quite a while, but i still have bought some of the newer cards) i thought it would be cool to make decks with old cards(2006 and before) and battle with them! i have 6 decks like this. we could have a small tournament with them or you guys could bring your own old deck. the other idea i thought of was people could battle me and we can each pick a deck out of the 6 not knowing what they are. a fun mystery battle:) thoughts? ideas?

i think i have covered everything. let me know if i missed anything and your thoughts and ideas. i am excited for the meet up and i think it will be a great one! see you all Saturday!! :D

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