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Collection Update~ And some Questions!

I told you guys this was coming. XD

For starters, I put up some more shelves so I would have more space for my collection!~ Here are the new shelves:

Now you can actually see all of my TCG tins XD The pokedolls are still a little bit cramped, however.

Here are my old shelves. It's mostly dedicated to my Pikachu collection now XD

Here's a closeup of the bags~ I got the one on the right at Spencer's, along with a Sonic one.

Let's look at some of the new pokedolls I've received~ I've had two trips to New York, so I've picked up quite a few for myself~ I think I'm going back this weekend too XD I named which pokedolls are new under each photo.

Minun and Torchic

Mudkip and Shaymin

Chikorita and Totodile (a bit obvious here XD)

Now I have Jhoto and Hoenn starters! <3 Now I need to backtrack and get me some Kanto starter pokedolls XD

A few new Pokemon Kids, and I have even more on the way! XD

My plush collection isn't the only thing growing; I've also acquired some more Shiny cards~

Soo happy to finally have a Pikachu *! <3 And Flareon and Gradevoir are amazing cards!

I have been looking for this binder for a few months, I'm so glad I finally received it! Now I match my boyfriend <3 I keep my shiny cards in it~

I made this keychain the other day, and I just wanted some feedback on it. I was also wondering if anyone would want commissions of it (but I think there are already enough artists on this comm that make keychains like these..)

I'm also working on an Umbreon, Shiny Ditto, and two different Pikachu keychains. I'm working on different designs/styles and trying to find one that I like and also looks unique.

Also, I have a few questions for TCG collectors:
-How do you guys go about collecting? Do you buy a booster box, and then buy whatever you're missing after that online? Do you look for completed sets online? I'm really curious!
-How do you guys get rid of extra TCGs that collect over time? I just put up a lot on Ebay, but I think the starting price is too high. I really want these gone.. >.>
-If any of you collect Shiny cards, how do you find/get them? Do you buy them on Ebay, from a TCG website (like Troll and Toad), wait for them to show up at local cardshops or on the comm, etc.?

And this question goes to anyone out there who has a way of getting big display cases! Does anyone have anything that would fit this?

Thanks for reading!~
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