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Miens and more

geez how long has it been since a collection post? well I think its about time! I got several things since my last post, but I'm a piss-poor photographer so I'll just cover my new fighters!~

mien 002

Yep! this is my shiny mienfoo doll! I started this project long back in January, but stopped about half way. but in june I had broken my hand in a kung-fu spar. with my dominate hand out of commission for 4 week, working with my sewing machine was one of the few things I could do. and after my hand was good to go I did the final details by hand. 

mienfoo 004
mienfoo 005
its made of soft fabric, more similar to pokemon center plush than doll fabric. its face is embroidered. so after so long, I'm happy to finally have it done and part of my collection!

now onto other plush, charms, and customs.~

mien 006
looks like a bit of a one sided fight... won riolu in a GA hosted by dezchu. riolu is my favorite from 4th gen, and shall be a fine addition to my other training pokemon. 

mien 008
mien 009
metal charms and pokemon time art by moguryuu! I love the look of these happy miens! 

mienfoo 001
and finally mpc mienfoo plush. eeei I just love this! not my plush have such dynamic looking pose!

well thats all for now! I'll try to do a better update next time and hopefully a wants list once I update my paypal's information. thanks for reading!

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