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Quest to completing collection wants

Thanks to everyone who has helped me get a lot of tomy figures for my collection.
I'm sorry to post so soon but I missed 2 rare Tomy figures I needed on eBay and hope to have better luck this time around.
I have obtained all but 4 Kanto pokemon figures which is pretty amazing.
I still need the following: Nidoqueen, Gastly and Electrode ( the two I missed), and Ditto. Plus some rare ones.
GastlyGotGotElectrode     The elusive bunch
MisdreavusMisdreavus ManectricManectricmantineforretress
ursaringUrsaring Mightyenamightyenaduo(will remove if it's someone's pic)
CorphishCrawdauntThe elusive crabs miloticmiloticsphealgotclamperl

  And here's the rest of the ones I need that aren't as rare:

Luxray Luxray VespiquenVespiqueen CarracostaCarracosta
ArcheopsArcheopsAriadosAriados(kinda hard to find)FlaaffyFlaaffy AzumarillAzumarill
Sawk(REally want this one and Swampert) SkarmorySkarmoryminunminunkricketunekricketune

Thank you eveyone, I'm so happy that I decided to join back in February.
Special shout out to poke_zula who helped me get my Grail, Breloom tomy!
Plus, is this out now? Meloetta Answered: it is :)
Tags: ditto, electrode, gastly, kricketune, meloetta, milotic, nidoqueen, tomy, vespiquen
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