Fudogs Gonna Fu (mamath) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Fudogs Gonna Fu

Question: Blue and white Christmas plates?

Mighty PKMNcollectors, I come to you with a query! I'm looking for info on pokemon Christmas plates! More specifically, the plates that feature white and blue art:


These are from 2000 (left, with Pichu pretending to sleep :D) and 2001 (with the pokemon outside the house). Are these the only plates in this sort of style...? I've seen full colour plates and some with gold inlay but I'm only really interested in ones like this! I have the 2001 plate already and just won the 2000 plate in an auction (very stoked) - is that it? Am I safe from super rare plates that are probably covered in eevees or something oh god?

I'm really looking forward to the 2000 plate to arrive so I can see it next to the 2001 plate I have already. :D One day I'll use these to serve cookies once a year at Christmas, and have them displayed the rest of the time. <3 I think they'll look nice! But in terms of display set ups I think 3 plates would look nicer!
Tags: pokecen
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