drifloonx (herar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

groudon plush + figure questions, collection complete!

hi everyone~! today i come to you with some questions. <3

today i recieved my Groudon plush from Schenzi's GA! thank you so much Schenzi!

now, i have some questions about this guy if anyone can help me.
i have NEVER heard of this plush before this GA. apparently he's supposed to be a lotto plush? i really have no idea, i just know that he is a banpresto. could i possibly get someone to read his tag for me? (i know nothigns about japanese.. xD)
there are more pictures of him and his tag under the cut<3

he's minty aside from the rip in his arm. >w<

here's his tag!

can anyone tell me what it says?

here he is comapared to the regular banpresto.

regular banpresto is smaller but fatter with smaller features.
also, the regular one has embroidered eyes but the lotto plush doesn't.

either way, i am very happy to have him!

(._. yes i have two pokeparks)
thank you to everyone who sold to me. i love all of my Groudys so much. :3

i also have some figures i have questions about...

sorry for the terrible photo.
i got this guy off ebay from a chinese seller.
they said it was a tomy, but i have never seen this figure before,
nor does he have a copyright stamp.
does anyone know if it's official?
i'm not sure it is, but it is surprisingly well painted, and i like the pose. c:

second figure:

these big guys recently started popping up on ebay from chinese sellers.

he can do this ._.

he can also move his mouth and arms.
he has no copyright stamp either.

i think it's kind of wierd unofficial figures/plush keep showing up,
but really aren't based off anything.
could they possibly be from a canceled product?
i don't know. D:
they seem well made and painted, but i really can't be sure!

anyway, thank you guys for your time~

i have lots of things in my sales if you'd like to look. ;3
i have lots of premade custom plush and hats!

FINALLY, 2 last notes:
i am working on finishing commissions this week. i ended up not being able to get more stuffing for plush until today! but i will be working hard to finish.

finally got shipping totals from Noppin for my meloetta GBs, i ended up paying it myself since it was cheap (being sent airmail) and so i can combine the last two payments.

thanks all!
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