Aislyn (wishuponjirachi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

♥ Water Horse Cupcakes + Plush Slot Auction Reminder ♥

Cupcakes 023

Just dropping a reminder for my auction for these two little guys that ends tomorrow. Keldeo's Resolute form is only at his starting bid and Keldeo's original form hasn't been started! C: As well as these guys, I'm also auctioning off a custom plush slot that is only at it's starting bid. If anyone is interested take a look at the link bellow for all the details! ♥

Altria Plush

Also just letting you guys know I still have 2 for my custom cupcake slots open if any one is interested. Just click the link bellow! Thank you everyone! ♥

Auction Post:
Tags: custom
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