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All my plush are made of 100% fleece and lines are hand embroidered or painted, commissioner's choice.

If you're interested in a commission, please list a few Pokemon you might want, as some might be too complex in design for me to plush.

I will not remake any commission/trade that I have done previously. If it wasn't a commission/trade (ex. Swadloon, Yamask) feel free to inquire~

I accept Paypal only, and I'm located in USA but ship internationally.

No trades at this time, I'm funding a trip up to Vancouver, BC next month and need as much spare cash as I can raise

Hello Pkmncollectors! Today I'm opening up Pokepillow commissions

My Pokepillows are generally around the dimensions of 8x10inches depending on the character. They are typically the head of a Pokemon, unless the Pokemon is basically just a head (ex: Crobat) and have a solid color backing unless something like a tail is sewn onto the back.

They cost $20 but can go up to $25 if there's a lot to go into it like with the Landmin and Crobat examples under the cut.

Landmin Pokepillow
by ~AmberTDD on deviantART

Heat Rotom Pokepillow
by ~AmberTDD on deviantART

Munna Pokepillow
by ~AmberTDD on deviantART

Crobat Pokepillow
by ~AmberTDD on deviantART

I also have a couple non-Pokemon examples over in my DA Gallery I still have plenty of fabric that was used in all patterned fabric pillows if there is interest. :)

Work List:
Garchomp- Finished!
Fakemon- Finished!
Audino- Finished!
Leafeon- Finished!
Shiny Rufflet- Finished!
Hoothoot- Finished!
Sneasel- Finished!
Vulpix- Need to make a fabric store run
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