tamago226 (tamago226) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sales Update, Clear Glaceon Kid, and Searching!

Hi all! Today I have only a few things to bring to the comm, one of which is a Sales Update! I have a Clear Glaceon Kid up for offer right now, and have done some collection weeding, so please take a look!


Next, do you all remember the Toy Factory GB that was planned and fell through last year? Well, back in January, devi_white handed control over the GB to me. I just have not had the time, resources, or help to get things started, but I reassure those that are interested that I do want to conduct this GB! However, I first need to find the help necessary to make it possible, since doing this alone would be very problematic for me. ^^;;


If you are interested in helping me run the Toy Factory GB, please come forward! I'm looking for someone who can make posts and give people their totals, as well as help me just a bit with gathering information/contacting people (maybe, though I consider this largely my responsibility, since I'm planning on doing the shipping because I want every size of otter. ^^;;). I need someone who is serious about helping me run this, who has the time, and who will not back out and leave me with all of the work. If you feel like you can do it and have interest in huge plushies, then please let me know. <3

And for now, I leave you with that! Thanks guys, and expect an otter update in the near future! <3
Tags: glaceon, group auction, sales, toy factory
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