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Retsuden Stamp Collection Update!

Hi all! My posts have been fairly boring lately so I thought I would do a collection update of my Retsuden stamps c: I posted my wants for them about 3 weeks back, and have managed to accumulate a decent amount since then!

Golduck, Crawdaunt, Spoink, Wobbuffet, and Hitmontop from happyjolteon
Pikachu stamps from hi_mit_su
Kecleon from allinia(Not to play favorites but I love this guy :D His sitting pose is great).
And finally Wobbufett from pachirisu, completing the evo line!
... I can't thank you guys enough!

Retsudens are pretty interesting to collect because they're so difficult to find. The less popular ones are less expensive, but just about all of them from the old AG sets (with the Japanese text names on them) are always hard to come by. They're definitely one of my favorite collection pieces though--super colorful and generally a pretty cool shape. The ink on these guys have dried up for the most part, but I've been using stamp pads and it's been working great.


Hitmontop. Very nice coloration~

Pikas and Spoink


Wynaut and Golduck! I love the coloration on both of these, especially Wynaut - the orange contrasts really nicely with the blue.

Everyone lined up!

... And since all of my posts have to have something to do with them, a Zukan shot! It was just a coincidence that the stamps matched my two most recent Zukan gets, but I was pretty happy about it :3

As always, I'm very interested in purchasing any Retsuden stamps, so give me a shout if you guys have any you'd consider selling! Hope you guys enjoyed the update. I'm also searching for the Wigglytuff and Beautifuly/Dustox/Silcoon/Cascoon Zukan sets if anyone's selling.

Expect a contest entry post soon, too! Zukan in the forest~
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