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No longer a lurker! Collection and sales!!!

Hello everyone!! I have been away from the computer and the community for quite sometime. Working a 40 hour work week is a new experience for me, and I've been working hard. :D

We'll let me share my collection with you, my fellow trainers! 

I am mainly a plush collector! :) I have a few figures and kids, but mainly PLUSHHH. <3
I have rearranged it since, because I got new Adventure Time plush. 

I mainly collect:

But I have a love for all the grass starters, and all Poke plush in general! :) 
Lets start with my Pika Army!

My Ditto!Chu has a weird crease on his face from packaging. :( It builds character, but he always looks like he's scowling. ><
I want to have a mini ^_^ chu army and a mini friends!Pika army!!! 
Supply me with your soliders! PM me to recruit them if you have them!

OLD pika pic from 2010!

Snivy Dominos! 

I haven't been able to come across any of the Snivy line Jakks in store, and I haven't really been searching for them online. 
I really want to finish the Jakks Snivy line someday! I love how the  expressions vary on each of the plush.

Front facing Snivy plushes, just for funsies. :)
The second one from the left transforms into a pokeball, but he is so floppy!

My Tiny Turtwig Team!
I am lame. ^^:

See the tiny guy in the middle? He is my favorite! He's so tiny and happy.
I wish I knew more about him, and if there were more. I was never able to find any tags at all. :P

Chiko Crew! (and Bayleef)

I actually have another Tomy Chiko plush (the one to the left of Bayleef.) I have one with me where ever I go. <3
Again, a small Friends!Chikorita army going on. I wish one day to have a custom Meganium plush in the same style as the Paki Paki Bayleef. OuO SOME DAY! ONE DAY!

PokeCen Duo

I got these two for my boyfriend when they first came out, because we had both agreed they were cute! 
SO SOFT. So much cuddles! I wish I could have bought them all. lol

Interesting gets!

I got Deoxy and Vulpix at a Toys and Collectables show at my school!
The local event rented out one of the university's MANY gathering/meeting rooms. 
I saw these two guys in a box and headed straight for that table!!! I got them for $2.00... YES.
NO, I AM SERIOUS. $2.00! I was so happy!! I didn't even want a bag for them. LOL I just held them through out the whole convention. These two are very special to meeeeeeeee... <3333

Oh, and Deoxy loves his pal Turtwig's taxi service. lol He fits on him so perfectly.

My Jakks, one Pokedoll and other plush!!!

Oh, boy. I'm a bit all over on this one. Just a ton of love all around here. XD

Friends collection! 

I really hope to have ALL the friends plush one day. :)
I have some back at my old house too, but most of those are digimon. LOL 
Yes, that is a broccoli person in the background. No, they were not injured in the making of this post.

Random pics!!!

Last year I lived in a giant house with my Pokés, but now I live in a smaller apartment. 

In our house Phineas, my Bayleef, would always sit near my front window. @u@ 

Me: Phineas! It snowed! Its kind of pretty outside. What do you think?
Phineas: Sure is!!! But look! A recycling bin! You remembered the recycling!!!
Me: @w@; 

Phineas used SUNNY DAY!! 

And... last but not least...
My cat Filbert and Phineas enjoying the new apartment view. :)

I know my collection isn't as massive or impressive as some of yours, but I hope to keep on building my Pokemon plush team!!!!

I hope you enjoyed my pictures!!! Thanks for reading my post! @u@

Onward to bigger, and better collection adventures!!!

...and for your convenience SALES!
If you want to skip my collection post click my store banner below to be transported!


I'm proud of my banner. <3 :D I was on a .gif kick awhile back.
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