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Poke☆sweet auctions + commissions

Hello! It's been so long, haha been so busy with it being summer + con season. :) However it's back to slowing down and crafting as well~ I come with poke parfaits open for commissions since I also got a batch of new supplies. As a result my price range is lower ^^ ~! 

There are a total of 8 slots, and I am opening commissions for poke parfaits and squirtle breads. There is an auction for a poke sweet train as well. 

Thank you for looking! It's been a little over a year since I've been at this community and it's been so much fun <33 Next month I plan to introduce some new sweet items.also venturing to plush making but who knows if I'll open that up lol

Rules + Information
Photobucket Granted Sales Permission on 8/4/11 by [info]denkimouse . and here is My feedback Post and PKM feedback
Photobucket I ship from the US, but do ship internationally ! S&H Fees are not included in the prices
Photobucket There is no insurance/delivery confrmation - please let me know if you would like this! 
Photobucket All community rules apply. So if you backout, I will give you negative feedback.
PhotobucketSerious bidders and buyers ONLY (If you're just looking for a quote let me know). I expect payment within 72 hours after I have given you your final total.
I reserve the right to refuse to sell to anybody, especially if you have negative feedback.

About the Sweets

*Turn-around time: 1 week to 4 weeks depending on your order. This turnaround time depends on the amount of commissions I'm given and the complexity of your order.  I am currently a full-time student as university student (orz;; yes summer session...), and work part time.

*Shipping - Poke Trains and Parfaits are shipped in a box for safety. Turtles will be shipped in a bubble mailer :) 

*My figures are all created by me, all the way down to the sprinkles. With the exception of support parts, such as the parfait cups, jewel sticks, and the metal parts. I use a combination of resin+air+porcelain and some baked clay, depending on the part.

*I reserve the right to not remake some of sweets I have done or to reject a request if I feel uncomfortable with it. 

* Most of the time I won't remake sweets because, it will not be the exact same as the last one. I manually have to create the color of the clay with various mediums, because of this - I am not always able to get the exact same shade as the previous. That is why if you wish to get multiple types of sweets of the same pokemon character, I suggest you ask me to do it all in one big order. That way it will be for sure consistent.

*More Designs can be found in my gallery!  I do not post EVERY picture, but I do have some on my personal/art tumblr 

around $14-25* this depends on your order
→ Approximately 7-9 cm 


Zenigame no Meronpan / Squirtle Melon Bread
*I will take mass orders of these) 

$8 (figure) , $9 (magnet), $12 (keychains with charms
→ apx 4.5-5 cm long. 

1. squeakaree Buneary parfait
2. happyparasol Leavanny, Sewaddle, Azumarill parfaits
3. joltzapvire Leafeon parfait
4. pancakemonkey Squirtle Melon Bread magnet
5. craftyscrafty - Scrafty and Zapdos Parfait
6. know - Shiny Whimsicott and Vanillite Parfait
7. psanon - Joltik Parfait
8. leemax - Custom Cookie

Auctions and Bidding Rules

Photobucket Auctions will end on Saturday July 28, 2012 9:00PM PST
Photobucket All community rules apply, do not retract/delete your bid or I will leave you negative feedback
Photobucket Bid increments of $1 or higher
Photobucket Bids do not include shipping.

Poke☆Sweets Train Custom AUCTION

There will be one slot open of a Sweets Train and this is the only way to get a Sweets Train from me ^^

Roughly 7-8cm long with only one caboose.

These come with removable poke-sculptures. However depending on the pokemon, it may not be able to 'stand' on it's own. These figures are bigger than the Poke Cookies.

Starting price is $24

I am adding an extra caboose at $42, and any bid after :) I will add more depending how high it goes as well.




Half of the Commissions are completely done :) the rest and auction items are still in progress. 
I will be shipping them out this week - and will notify when they have been officially shipped out. 

Thank you ^^ 

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