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Wolf Of Shadow

A (very) late introduction post

Hi everyone! I figured since I have been lurking here for a while, buying things and then slipping back into the shadows of the internet, it was about time I actually introduced myself and my quite small (but growing) collection.

I've been a fan of (some might say obsessed with) pokemon every since I got red version back when I was about 10. Never had the money to do much collecting until recently, which is why my collection is so small. Thanks to a job (yay) and desperately needing something other than university to focus on, I finally got into collecting more than just the trading cards after finding this community when it was featured on the homepage. 

Anyways, on the the current collection. 

I am collecting mainly based on my in-game team which are Ninetales, Lucario, Glaceon, Leafeon, Vaporeon and Jolteon.

Having said this I'm a sucker for Riolu and Vulpix, so expect them to be pretty much everywhere.

The current collection as it stands (or tries really hard to in the case of Servine and Scraggy):
whole collection

Flats and charms:
Flats and charms
Some very old (the butterfree keychain and the 5 puzzle-like plastic flats on the bottom) and some newer. I'm reasonably sure I got the butterfree while I was living overseas, so it could very well be non-official. I can't see any kind of production info on him, but if anyone here knows what it is could you let me know please :). The puzzle things are something I found in a box with a bunch of other keychains... I think they were from a collectible game thing, but if anyone knows what they were from I would very much like some info.

Riolu's and Lucario's. My most diverse set of stuff so far. The plush and magnets both bought off this community. The plushies just came in the mail today and I'm pretty sure the Riolu plush is my favourite thing so far.
Whole riolu and lucario collection

The few figures I have managed to find so far (Melbourne needs a shop for these kinds of things, it would make my life so much easier):
eeveelutions figures

As far as Wants go, I am interested in finding something for Ninetales. If anyone has any info about some reasonably accessible Ninetales stuff I would be interested in hearing about it. 

But that's about it for me. Thanks for having a look and thanks for having such a generally awesome community here.
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