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Nintendo World Pickups

Hey everyone!~ I'm doing pickups for Nintendo World in NYC! If you're interested, click the cut for more info!

Let's start with some rules, shall we?
-Sales permission granted on March 2nd, 2012 by entirelycliched
-Pickup permission granted on July 24th, 2012 by denkimouse
-Feedback is here:
-I ship from Rhode Island, USA

-There will be 10 pickup slots. Slots are by user, not by item. However, if there is one user that wants like.. 10 Pokedolls, I might have to tell them to only pick a few, since this is my first time doing a pickup. XD I'll put the limit to 5 Pokedolls max per user, and if anyone has an issue with that, just PM me.

-I will be going next week from Wednesday, August 1st until THURSDAY, August 2nd. There is an unfortunate possibility that this might get pushed back a week, so I will not be receiving payments until I am in NY.

-I would like to keep the pickups Pokedoll-only since I know the prices and most of the stock off the top of my head, but if you are interested in something else such has the DX Pokedolls (Pikachu and Chimchar) or shirts, PM me as well and we can work things out.

-Each Pokedoll claimed will be $20. There will be a second payment for shipping from me to you after I pick up all of the items.

-You are expected to pay by WEDNESDAY, August 1st at 11PM EST. I will be picking up the items Thursday morning, so I won't be able to take any late payments! If you think you won't be online for some reason that day, please let me know and pay in advance, the worst that could happen is that I send you a refund until I go to NY the week after if my trip gets postponed. Once you have sent payment, please comment here letting me know so I can mark off everyone that has payed.

-Once you claim a slot, you cannot cancel! It would be unfair to other people that want slots if you took one and then canceled at the last minute. If you do cancel, I will leave negative feedback.

-This is the stock list for Pokedolls off the top of my head from my visit a few weeks ago. If anyone knows the stock better and I make a mistake, I would really appreciate someone pointing it out~ Also, if you think I missed a Pokedoll, or want me to check just in case they have a certain one, I will put it down for you anyways. If there is anything out of stock, I will refund the money. If there is only enough Pokedolls for some of the people that requested them, the person that claimed first will get priority.

EDIT: Ignore my list from before, here's some awesome photos by poizenkat of the stock as of July 23rd!


1. zakiax1 Dialga Pokedoll, Servine Plush [PAID]
2. clair2522 
Woobat pokedoll, large Bowser plush [PAID]
3. danielsard2 Kyurem Figurine [PAID]
4. nigelpkmn Dewott Plush
5. zombiecarousel Eevee Pokedoll [PAID]
6. pokabubu Big order via PM [PAID]
7. shinysuicune Eevee Pokedoll [PAID]

Thanks everyone~

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