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Collection update + more weeding

Hi again! So today I'd like to share something that I got a while ago, but just got around to photographing.

Also, from my previous sales post, all packages are going out TODAY. Sorry for the slight delay!

Tada! The Infernape Banpresto UFO! I guess this was kind of a grail get, since I hardly saw it around the comm. Got it from Y!J (which I probably won't be using again because deputy fees are through the roof). He came with a Chimchar UFO, too, which is pictured below.

Does anybody know how much he goes for normally?

Nonetheless, I'm super excited to have him! HE'S SO CUTE.

One of these lovelies (but I don't remember which) came with my dear Infernape. At first, I thought they were the exact same plush, but upon closer inspection, they are different. Both of the tags say Banpresto 2007, so I'm not sure why the hang tags differ. Could anybody help me out? ^_^

Placement of the mouth is also a little different.

And now, more weeding sales to make room for my monkeys. Prices reduced, haggling more than welcome!

My feedback is here.

I was granted sales permission on 26 JAN 2012 by entirelycliched.

-I ship from the US, and I also ship internationally!
-Shipping & handling (materials, transit, etc) starts at $1.95 domestic ($1.00 flats), $3.50 ($2.00 flats) international. Domestic packages include delivery confirmation when possible!
-Bubble mailers (new or reused, depending on what I have available) will be used to ship - if you do not want a reused mailer, let me know! (your shipping cost will be higher)
-I do not have a designated shipping day, but I generally make a trip once a week.
-I will not deal with banned members from pkmncollectors or serasell. I have the right to refuse to sell.
-I am not responsible for items lost in the post! I will include delivery confirmation if the package is eligible.
-I do not accept/reply to private offers - comment only!
-Generally, I am unaware of current prices - let me know if I'm wrong! I HAGGLE.
-Ask me for details about anything!

As for trades - I'm willing to trade for video games (preferably boxed, GameCube is a high priority), and stacks of random cards. I think it's safe to say that my card collection is still not organized enough to conduct normal trades. ^^; I also collect the Chimchar line, Swablu/Altaria, and I want to start collecting the Panpour/Pansage/Pansear evolution line!

Bought these thinking I'd have time to fix them up, but I don't. :( A bit of fabric paint and maybe an iron would help straighten them out.
$1 each

Chimchar Halloween Banpresto UFO: $5
Raikou Banpresto UFO: $20 OBO
Pikachu Banpresto UFO: $8

$2.50 each

All $2 each

McDonald's Figures: $2 each

Random figures: Arcanine $3, everything else $1

Action Flipz: $0.25 each or 3 free with purchase

I also have Fruits Basket and Sailor Moon manga for sale, PM me if interested :)
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