poke_zula (poke_zula) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wants list! some simple; some...not so much

Well, as the title implies, this is just a wants list. And, my first one, at that! =3
There are a few things that I think I will be able to get right away, as they're actually not that rare. But, some of the other things will take forever to find. @_@

Somewhat hard ones to find:
Leafeon Jakks Figure (does not have to be in packaging)               Eevee Jakks Figure (does not have to be in packaging)

DX Vulpix Tomy

Zangoose Hasbro figure

And, now, the HARDEST ones on my list. They do NOT have to have hang tags or be in perfect condition:
A life-size Bulbasaur plush
I am aiming for it to be 28", but I will take anything that is 24" and bigger. =D

A life-size Squirtle plush

I am aiming for it to be 20", but I will accept one that is anywhere from 19"-21"
I hope to one day find these life-size Kanto starters. One day!!

All of these images are from Google, and they are (obviously) not mine! If these are yours and you want to be credited, then I'd be more than happy to do so! Or, if you want me to remove them, I can totally do that, too. ^-^

And, if anyone could tell me how to make a permanent wants list, I would love that!
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