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Otakon Meetup~! (Set time and Location now)

So I have finally figured out a place to meet up!

When: 3 PM Saturday
Where: 4th floor to the right side (Side with the escalator)

the 4th floor is the floor right above the registration area~ It's pretty easy to find ^^ If you have any problems finding the location... don't hesitate to ask me for help!!!!

I will also try getting there 15 minutes early.... and I'll be pretty easy to spot
This is what I will be wearing~  I will also be bringing Sparky, my Blitzle pokedoll~

So yeah, just look for the giant scythe xD

If you would like to find me some other days.... I will be Gijinka Shinx (will have Shinx pokedoll with me as well as a Luxray cosplayer) on Thursday/Sunday, Oz Vessalius on Friday (may or may not have scythe, depends on outfit I choose), Yellow on Friday afternoon/evening, and Oz again on Saturday but in the outfit above
I also might wear my Ulrich Stern (Code Lyoko) cosplay sometime during the con, but who knows xD
So yeah, if you think you see me... just be like.... "hey are you Nora" and I'll be like... "Oh hi there!" and then you just gotta tell me you're from here xD
If not, see you at the meet~

Anyway~ let my know if you'll be coming to the meetup~
I'd also love to see if any of you have sales or trades posts, so we can all save on shipping and paypal fees~ 

Here's something to make this post more interesting~

Sparky and Shinx (still needs a name :/) are getting to join me on my trip~ They're even watching over my cosplays for me xD

Anyway~ can't wait to meet some of you!!!

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