Denali Lobita (growly) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Denali Lobita

Collections Update!

I'm back home and did a whole lot of shelf rearranging for my collections... so that means a photo update! :D

Before, my Growlithe/Arcanine collection was up really high on a chest of drawers... I had to stand up on my bed to see everything/take pictures, and everything was just really unorganized looking. So I moved around some books on my bookshelf, freeing a section, and I moved everything there. It's a smaller space, but its also deeper, and I was able to lean things up against the inside of the shelf, as well as tape things to the 'walls' of the shelf. I think it looks really good!

Just some detail shots of what all's in there. :)

I also rearranged the shelf under this one and put in all the new stuff I had amassed at college- my fire-type Zukans, my sloths, etc. There's two little random guys in there that aren't part of any collection- a bootleg Zigzagoon and a clear pink Lickitung figure. :)

Some detail shots of those. I have yet to stick things to that back wall, but I definitely will- it's too bare! :)

And I finally got one of my grails! The Arcanine dice game. I saw this in a store when I was 11, but I had no money, and my parents didn't want to get it for me. It was in a store in a mall we NEVER go to, so of course I never saw it again. I've been looking for it online now for about a year and I finally found a mint condition one in a huge lot of dice games (there will be a sales post for the rest in a couple weeks, btw!).
Leeetle disappointed though, the box shows it as being in full color, but in reality it is unpainted.

A closeup of the dice by itself. It's fully 3D on all sides. :D

So I was feeling pretty good about this purchase until I noticed the side of the box...

AUGHH!!! There's 3 more variants of this?! It was hard enough finding the one! x_____X
Proof that a collector's job is never done.

And I bought the Magikarp taiyaki maker as sort of an impulse buy. ^_^;; Unfortunately it did kind of break the bank after SMJ's crazy fees, but... now that I have it, I ain't giving it up, mwah! I can't wait to start cooking with this beeb. But nervous because it has to be over open flame... gonna make things tricky.
Whenever I do break it in, I'll be sure and take pictures of everything I make :)
Tags: arcanine, collection, growlithe, koffing, magikarp, skuntank, slakoth, stunky, teddiursa, zukan
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