I'm Search Man, okay? (wilyfungi) wrote in pkmncollectors,
I'm Search Man, okay?

All the Pretty Plushes - Auction Post!

All right folks, LET'S A GO! I hope you all can enjoy bidding on some plushes as much as I am going to enjoy posting over 100 comment threads for them!

These are all plushes in my possession, this is NOT a group auction. They are all super cuties but I bought these to sell, not for my collection! I did decide to hold onto to some of the stuff for now, but except for Whimsicott everything of high interest is still here! Swampert, Magikarp, tons of poke dolls, tons of banpresto!

The auction will end on Sunday July 29 at 7 PM U.S. EST time zone. I figured this would be a good time for as many people as possible, hopefully I am right ^_^;

countdown timer here

Everything is posted up, feel free to bid and comment away!

Like I said before, I am a bit out of touch with prices. I started most of the prices near what I think the "BIN" price is because of this, I am sorry if this annoys anybody. I still wanted to do auction style to give everyone a fair shot, as well as because I do not remember exactly what I paid for these or exactly how much I expected to get out of any of them when I did. If Banpresto plushes fail to sell I will probably price those lower in the future, on Poke Dolls I will probably not lower them past the prices listed here in the future.

I sorted these by type of plush and both tags, tush tag only, and no tag. I looked at all of these carefully, I do not think ANY of them are bootlegs, and all of them are from Japanese or US sellers.

I was granted sales permission in 2008, I believe by lineaalba.
I accept any form of paypal payment.
I accept concealed cash and money orders, but I am not responsible if I never receive the payment.
I ship worldwide from the United States. Please do remember that costs can add up quickly shipping internationally.
Shipping will be a flat $3 for US orders, any amount of plushes is $3 to the US. Shipping will be by exact weight + the package cost (35 cents) internationally.
I am smoke free and pet free, but many items are received from elsewhere.

Please bid in increments of at least $1

Canvas Plushes - Cherrim has one stain on the front and one on the back, this is why it is cheaper than the rest

Poke Dolls - both tags

Poke Dolls - tush tag only

Poke Dolls - no tags (except Kyogre and Palkia, all velboa/old style)

Banpresto UFO - both tags

Banpresto UFO - tush tag only

Banpresto UFO - no tags

Tags: banpresto, canvas, pokedolls, sales
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