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More questions, tiny collection update, and a small-ish wants list

Yep! I pop out of my short time of lurking/post convention recuperating to ask even more questions! :D

First off- Questions! Yaaaay questions!

Community feedback- how do I go about setting mine up? Do I get my feedback started when I buy from someone? i.e. I buy a plush, and after the transaction is completed they leave feedback for me in the new system, without me having to start it myself?

Now to merch-related questions.

Pokemon Ty Beanie Babies- where are these from?! I keep seeing them pop up here and there, and there's no concrete list of what Pokemon have been made by Ty. I'd love to know how hard it is to get a hold of one. (specifically Snivy)

Jakks Pacific eeveelutions merch- The figures and the plush. What are good prices to pay for the poseable figures and for the leafeon/glaceon plush they made?

I thought I'd have more questions, but that about sums up what I've been meaning to ask you guys. :D

Now, mini collection update!

(Taken at a really great Japanese restaurant inside a Japan Town mall/plaza)
I snagged all of these dudes after SDCC. ^0^ (Which was amazing, I met up with a few PKMNcolletors while I was there. :D ) I went to a local anime store and they had SO MANY KIDS. (Well, more than I'm used to seeing) Sadly, no kids, but plenty of other Pokemon. The attck Zekrom Kid has a tiny balance issue; he leans back a little because his tail is ever so slightly heavier than the rest of him.
(Also, I tried the candy they come packed with. It's kinda gross. XD; )
The clear Samurott and Serperior Chou gets were from a small japanese outlet store in Japan Town. They had such CUTE pokemerch. *u* Including a Pikachu face bento box!

Something I picked up from my local Heroes & Fantasies store. I didn't even know these existed until now! I manged to haggle the price down from $8 to $4. And, being the pokedork that I am, immediately went to ebay and found a lot that had the Eevee battle coin in it, which should be arriving next week! ^u^
How hard is it to come by the Flareon/Jolteon/Vaporeon battle coins?

I'll have a bigger collection update later. For now, enjoy a regal Serperior in an LA neighborhood.

My small "Want but will have to wait until I have more than $1.00 in change" list!

Jakks Vaporeon and Leafeon
Jakks Glaceon/Leafeon plush
Pokemon Battle Coins Flareon/Jolteon/Vaporeon
Banpresto Glaceon UFO
Eeveelution Kids

Thanks for reading! ^0^
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