P3nguina (p3nguina) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Ditto GA Update

Update on Ditto GA

I got the package probably on Saturday but didn't get home till today.I'm going out today to get the rest of the packages for a few of the items. So I should have the shipping quotes up later tonight or by tomorrow.

Also there are a few items that were not bid on so if you guys want any they are each $1 for people who participated in the GA, and $2 for people who did not. Just comment below what you want and I'll add it to the quotes ^ ^
The image cut out a pikachu (it like the pikachu with the apple but he doesn't have an apple) also for got to take a picture of the mcdonalds toys the ones left is a zorua, pikachu, and snivy (no stand)

Well going to the store be back soon,

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