Hajime Sano (Hajime Sano) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Hajime Sano
Hajime Sano

Pokemon Halloween Pikachu Custom Plush Doll

Hello everyone!
I though the Halloween will come as quick as a wink, so I made a thing like this. 
I made Christmas version and sold last year.

but I am thinking to sell Halloween version this year. I think it still needs some work. 
If you have some suggestion like do this way or do that way, or different additional goods are preferable so something like that. 
Any suggestions are more than welcome.
Thank you ^ ^

Plush Doll : BANDAI 
The pikachu cheeks will be lighted.

This is the custom item done by amateur.
Again, this is the amateur's work so it is sewing is not as good as a ready-made product.

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