neeko48 (neeko48) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Want, a meme and sales

Hiya everyone! So I have a teeny tiny want.

Picture from toysnjoys
Does anyone have this cutie for sale? I would love it even if it doesn't have a hang tag, or even a tush tag. Just as long as it is soft and stain free, I would love it :D

Speaking of pokedolls, to those who collect them, which region pokedolls do you have the most of? I separated all my pokedolls based today on region and noticed that I have more from Hoenn than any other region. Pictures are encouraged :D

My hoenn buddies
I also added a few things to my sales and lowered some prices :D I need to get prepped for ponies XD
Tags: budew, pokedolls, sales, wanted
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