andrew1374 (andrew1374) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Zukan GA's lost + Notification

Hello Everybody,

This is some sad news. I just wanted to notify the participants in my Zukan GA #2 and #3 that we lost the auctions. Even when I raised my bid for the both auctions by $50, we still didn't stand a chance against the other bidders. The auctions went way past the amount we raised. I apologize to the participants who may have been excited to get some new and rare zukan. But don't worry, this loss hasn't stopped my group auctions. I will definitely be more active in getting more zukan.

Also, I have been very busy because I have been moving from a house to a different home and work. So please understand if it takes me a while to reply to your message. I check my messages and this site daily, but there are some days I fail to take a look at my inbox, or the community itself. 

Thank You for reading this post
Tags: group auction, info
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