RUNAWAY PRINCESS. (xreni) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Side Collection Update! + want.

So I LOVE Pokedolls. I love the feel and chibi-ish design of it. In fact, my Glaceon pokedoll was the first ever plush I ever bought from the Pokemon Center and I've always love, love, love Pokedolls from that day on. I still gotta do my one year update collection but omg... ;___; It's so tiring to spread out my plushies all over my bed again. But for now... Enjoy this small update! And a little want~

Sooo... Fast-forward that 6 years later and here I am with my slowly but growing Pokedoll collections. I like to collect both American and Japanese ones, whichever I can find for cheapest or I find cutest! I love the DX ones but I don't really have one yet... Though I do dream of owning a DX Piplup one day.

Anyway.... Time for some pictures!

Also does anyone have a female Banpresto Pikachu for sale? D: Or if you know anyone selling one, even on ebay. I've tried searching for it but I dunno if maybe I'm just typing the name wrong or...?

Tags: collection, plush, pokedolls
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