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Tiny collection update + pending


2012-07-23 22.05.36
When I said tiny update, I sure meant tiny! I now have a Shaymin kid + the clear version.

2012-07-25 13.37.20
Here are all my Shaymin figurines up to date. (They are not many.) The kids again, + a Takara Tomy Shaymin. And then the tiny Shaymin I bought in a swedish toystore, who used to be a keychain until the chain came loose. :c I have the chain somewhere amongst my stuff and I think it's possible to reattach it, if I can only find it haha.

I still have no idea what she (the keychain Shaymin) is, but she came in this kind of package

Is it official or just something else?

2012-07-25 13.37.40
Bootie Shaymin cluster key chain from ebay. I really love it however. ; ;

2012-07-12 20.57.59
Shaymin - Platinum 14/127

2012-06-20 01.45.482012-06-20 01.45.14
And now I have some photos of the first pokémon plush I've ever bought. However now that I've browsed around the community for a while and have heard of all the booties on ebay, I should perhaps take some more photos to confirm if it's legit or not? It's claimed to be a banpresto Munna, and it's got a loop of string for hanging. Are there any known Munna booties?

And here are some stuff that are pending. :'> The Vulpix canvas and the Taillow merch has been shipped. And the Flareon is due to around new years and the Umbreon might be mine or might not be depending if it's still in stock in the vending machine. But I sure hope so. *-*
(If some of these photos belong to you and you don't like me using them, just tell me and I'll fix that. <3) I really like warm and dark coloured pokémon designs??

I was going to make a want, but for the moment I need to spend my money on other stuff, so I'll have to wait with that for a while until I feel like I can expand my collection a little again. Just lurking here is really hard though. ; w ; So no matter how strong my urge to buy anything Vulpix or Taillow related is, I have to strain myself right now.

Vulpix Taillow

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