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Finally, a collection update

I've gotten lots of new items since my last collection update. And I finally got around to taking some pictures. 

Victinis, Giratinas, Pikas, and more under the cut.

McD toys and Druddigon Pose figure. The Pose figure was a lucky find at a Japanese grocery store. 

Next up, new Giras! The Kid figures are all actually really old items, but I didn't want to take a picture of just the large TOMY figure.
The big one in the back is posable and there's a small switch on its back that makes its mouth open and a red light light up. It's a really nice figure irl.

I almost forgot about the metal figure I got. So small (that's a AAA battery).@___@ The details are great considering the size. 

New Victinis! The item in the back is a mini duffel bag keychain thing. Random.:|

Pokemon backpack and lunchbox? It's a bit of a stretch but I do have a use for them. They store some of my MIB figures. It's actually rather nice because now I don't have half a dozen shipping boxes in my room. 
And they have a nice effect that the camera didn't pick up.

The last of the rare Victini items is in my hands. The limited edition gold-shiny copper-whatever it's a shiny metal color limited to 222 (seriously? Couldn't produce three more or two less?) Victini Plamo. I probably won't open it.

New Fire type 'Mon stuff (or really more Charmander stuff with a Ninetails snuck in).
The mini Chardoll was already in a previous collection update. Whoops. Oh well, you get to see it again. Yay Charmander!

Two variations of mini Pikadoll and an oversized Pikadoll from 2003 with plastic eyes. Love dem plastic eyes.

Group shot! Some new MPCs, Giratina wrist plush, and the Vaporeon plush every other person on the comm ended up buying.

Have a good rest of the day.:)
Tags: collection, druddigon, giratina, pikachu, vaporeon, victini
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