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Stuff from Japan Update part 1

Hi everyone ^^
Since my last post I was able to get most of my stuff cleaned up from my trip to Japan and this will be my post #1 from the stuff I got there.

This post would be about poke plushies <33

From the Left (bottom row) : I LOVE Pikachu big banpresto, Fluffy Bulbasaur, canvas tepig, MPC Hydreigon, MPC Mienshao,
canvas oshawott, MPC Zoroa
(top row) : "Look this way" Snivy plush, Keldeo pkmn center plush, Serperior pokedoll, I LOVE pikachu plush keychain, and Samurott pokedoll 


And here's everyone in this corner (most of the snivys is in their own corner)

and that's it for this update for my next update it'll probably be about my royal snake kingdom collection (got a lot of new flat items)

Thanks for looking ^^

**and also a notice to: miss10, squeakareecyritic your items has been taken to the post office TODAY (again I apologize for taking some time was busy from work since I got back)

Tags: bulbasaur, hydreigon, keldeo, mienshao, oshawott, pikachu, pokecen, pokedolls, samurott, serperior, tepig
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