milomilotic11 (milomilotic11) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Biggest Feebas Collection?

Hi community.
Today, I would like to know who has the biggest Feebas collection on the community!

Since I collect Feebas, I'll be showing mine, and counting every little piece of merchandise (Including flats,doubles and repaints of official items).
What I won't be showing are customs, such as drawings, sculptures etc.
(If this post isn't allowed, I'll simply delete it)

Feebas bio cards. Both of them are different- 2

3 Feebas stickers. The blue ones are the same and the while one is different- 5

2 more Feebas stickers in the same regular pose- 7

3 Feebas Pan stickers- 10

MORE Feebas sticker!- 11

Feebas Cards- 13

Feebas Wapz and Suction cup- 15

Feebas Jakks- 17

4 Feebas Chous- 21

Feebas Zukan Piece- 22

Feebas Kids- 26!

So, if anyone has more Feebas pieces in their collection than me,
Please comment and leave pictures >; )
Because, I'm dying to know how has the biggest Feebas Collection on the Community :D

Thanks :D
Tags: feebas
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