feraligroggles (feraligroggles) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for things (could use a pick-me-up :<)

So, I haven't done one of these for a while, but SURE. I'm having pretty much the worst month of my life right now, and what heals wounds better than pokemon!?

So, I'm looking for Feraligatr, Cacnea, Exeggutor aannd.. chibi stamps because I decided I love those and want more.
Also somebody stop me from collecting Tangela. :l But not really because I think I want to.

So show me your Tangelas :U

the following are doubtful, but things I am specifically looking for too that
I occasionally ask about:
^-- Gatr slippers by play by play

^-- Clear Feraligatr kids figure                           ^-- random Banpresto Feraligatr/Totodile keychain

and anything you don't see on my shelves in my last update

Thanks for looking!

Shipping side note: Work and storms here have been bad, all metal figures and purchases from my last sales will be shipped Friday instead of this past Tuesday or Wednesday like usual. Sorry about the slight delay :x

Tags: cacnea, exeggutor, feraligatr, tangela, wanted
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