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Semi-Grail Get! Oh, And Some Sales!!

I have managed to acquire a few new items. To see them, just click the cut...:3

In my previous entry, I posted about some purple kitteh cards that I was seeking. zora_star happened to have one that I needed and was kind enough to offer me the card:

Liepard Card - 3

yellowmudkip had made a post in hopes to trade for the McDonald's figures they were still seeking. As luck would have it, I happened to own the Axew they needed and I did not mind trading for a Dewott one bit:


Recently, I was able to obtain an item that has been rather elusive. I would not say that this item is fully worthy of being called a grail, but more like a semi-grail for me. You see, I already have two of the very same figure in different colors. Originally, I was going to be content with owning just one of the 4 variations. After obtaining my very first one, the details that were applied into such a tiny figure made me decide to seek out the other 3. What is this figure you ask?

It is the metal Giratina Origin Form figure...

Semi-Grail Get

Thanks to feraligroggles, I now only need one more and my collection of metal worms will be complete...:3

Golden Worm Front Golden Worm Belly

So much detail in such a small figure...

Golden Worm Front & Sput - 2 - Use 4 Sure

It seems that Sputnik is impressed too...:D

Time for a worm line-up:

Metal Worms x 3 - Front
Metal Worms x 3

Sputnik seems to like the bronze metal Giratina best:

Bronze Worm Front & Sput

He is such a ham for the camera...XD

Now for a quick want:


The shiny gold Giratina Origin metal figure.

Like I said, I only need one more metal worm and then I will have obtained them all! If you have one please let me know...;)

Since things in my life seem to have finally settled back down for now...

*knocks on wood*

I decided to bring you all a small sales post!

Kids Figure Lot

This round of sales will be strictly Kids Figures for I have 114 in need of a good home!

First, here is the boring yet important stuff:

Sales Permission: Since 2007, I have been a member! So, I was "grandfathered" in...

Payment: I prefer Paypal! Yes, I will take money order, check & concealed cash at senders own risk! Prices do not include shipping/fees. I also charge .25 for the padded envelope, exactly what I pay unless I have one that I can recycle.

Shipping: I live in the US and ship all paid packages on Wednesday every week. If this changes, you will be notified.

Item Condition: There are 76 Kids Figures in near mint condition, which will be priced at $2.00 ea. I have 38 that fall into the fair/poor category, they will be priced at .75 ea.

All Kids Figures come from a smoke free, but pet friendly environment. I have two cats, among other critters and their hair has a mind of its own. If your package accidentally comes with some kitteh hair, think of it as a free gift from Jaden & Jiraiya!

If you are worried about an items condition, then ask. I judge the condition to the best to my ability. Sometimes dirt, marks, paint rubs and other imperfections can get over looked!

After I reply with a total, you have 24 hours to get back to me. If you have sent payment, please tell me that you have done so. If I do not hear back from you in 24 hours, then I will sell the item to the next person in line.

Specials: I would like these figures gone, so I am going to run a special deal.

If you buy 3 that are priced at $2.00, you will be allowed to choose one .75 Kids Figure for free.

If you buy 7 that are priced at .75, you will then get an 8th Kids Figure of the same price free.

Deal is good, while supplies last!

Now, for the figures!

Near Mint

Near Mint Kids Figures

All are $2.00 ea, buy 3 and get a .75 Kids Figure free!

Sold - Regigigas (Hands Down), Turtwig, Seviper, Shaymin,

Near Mint - 2

Near Mint Kids Figures

All are $2.00 ea, buy 3 and get a .75 Kids Figure free!

Sold - Mudkip, Marshtomp, Swampert, Regice, Registeel, Unown

Near Mint - 3

Near Mint Kids Figures

All are $2.00 ea, buy 3 and get a .75 Kids Figure free!

Sold - Electivire, Buneary, Deoxys


Fair to Poor Kids Figures

All are .75 ea, buy 7 and get your 8th free!

Sold - Turtwig


Fair to Poor Kids Figures

All are .75 ea, buy 7 and get your 8th free!

Sold -


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