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An interesting tip to getting paint rubs off your tomy figures! Collection re-org and wants for N

So I'm not sure if you guys knew this, but I discovered something really interesting this morning. (Well, 5 minutes ago actually) I've been going through and cleaning all the dust off my tomy figures and unfortunately they are UBER loved. So they have a ton of paint rubs on them, mostly from being kept in a box for all these years. So I counted my loss and continued wiping away dust when i got this idea. On my shelf was... this


Very picture heavy!

So I had originally been using a cloth and some windex, because it gave my figures a nice shine and got rid of the ugly scuff marks. However, the windex was NOT getting off the paint rubs. I was so disappointed. So I after cleaning a quater of my collection, I looked around my room and saw the colorx wipes and said why not. Well lo and behold, not only did they get shiny and disinfected, with a little extra rubbing on the paint marks, they all but disappeared!!!

Example: Marill Before

Marill After:

It's. Awesome. XD Here's what I did step by step (though there's not many steps xp)

1) Give the whole figure a good wipe down to get off dust of any dirt that may be on the surface.
2) Place the clorox wipe over your thumb nail and gently (but firmly!) rub your nail across the paint mark. Make sure not to press too hard or else it'll annoy the paint you don't want coming off! By finding the right amount of pressure it will just take off the first layer of the paint mark.
3) Rub in different directions!!! Sometimes one direction won't work as well as another!
4) Keep rubbing it until it starts to fade away and then disappear
5) Give it one more wipe down to get rid of the white particle the wipe may leave behind

This takes a really long time!!! You need the beat the crud out of that mark before it finally gives in (depending on how dark or big it is). I hope this helps some of you guys. I'm not sure if this is common knowledge in the pokemon collecting world or not, but it sure was an awesome discovery for me!!!

And now to my re-organized collection!

So I have two Betta fish who used to live in the 14 gal tank I had on this shelf next to my bed. Well, I'm taking my boys to college wth me, so I moved them into 1 gal tanks on the other side of the room and bye bye 14 gal. I finally got rid of it yesterday and was able to take my plush out of that ungly glass storage area in my TV stand XD Here they are in all their glory! (with pokemon cards on the wall)
My room has been pokefied

And now, the usual wants

I'm still hunting down the clearfile for 10 or less shipped

But I basically want any and all N merch except for the dot sprite stuff. If I don't find the folder by the 29th, I'll have to order it from pokevault because I have a coupon (for the excruciating amount of $14 =O)
But yes! N can badge, N stickers, N keychain, N and Touko metal fastener, etc! (If Touko comes along with N and you don't want to sell seperately, I'm cool with that. I kind of fell in love with the pairing... yes I'm a geek.)

Pictures for all of my N wants are here towards the bottom:

Hoping for anything under $10 ^^' Thanks everyone! Have a great day!!! (or night maybe?)

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