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'toed days of july

After struggling with Photobucket for the last hour I gave up and uploaded all the pictures to tumblr. :V IT WOULDN'T LOAD PROPERLY GRR. Anyone else having this problem today? - It decided to work properly so now they're all bucket'd.

Anyway... I gots stuff! :D All of this was today. XD sorjei is a doll and has been hoarding up some purchases to save me shipping costs and I got her box o' goodies today. <3

I had to make this post since I've kind of officially reached a milestone with my 'toeds. ;w;

Larger resolution of the same photo because there's some small stuff that are a little hard to see.

- Keroro Gunsou poster?! XD Thank you sorjei 8D I've had the theme song stuck in my head since opening the box, pfff.
- Politoed card
- Stunky dex charm (just need Gible and I will consider my charms "complete")
- Seismitoad MPC eeee~ More of him later.
- Two random Pichus for my boyfriend. XD They are so cute omg.
- Bonsly UFO! He has so many Banpresto plush and it confuses me. Do some Pokemon really get several different UFO plush?
- Wobbuffet Mascot Strap. (HE LOOKS LIKE A FLEA. XD) More on this later too...
- Wobbuffet Jakks throw ball plush! HE'S SO TINY. I've wanted one for ages and I'm so happy to have one. XD Thank you sooo muchhh sorjei
- Politoed Battle Museum figure OH YES.
- Hasbro Mudkip! I love this thing but either couldn't justify getting it by itself or I was beaten to it. I love how fluffy and floppy he is. XD I have such a gigantic secret love for 'kips. sorjei SPOILS ME.
- Custom Politoed sculpture I made myself. >u> More of that, also later.
- Bonsly pencil topper! This is the only other pencil topper figure I know of so I feel rather happy to have it. XD
- Custom Bonsly charm from ushigofasweet :D
- Politoed Pokemon Time strap YEAH~
- Two adorable drawings. SCROLL DOWN ♥

Ahhhh how precious are they really <333 I love sorjei's arts and plush and sculpts and everything, gosh. XD I keep smiling every time I look at those froggy faces. THEY ARE SO VERY SPARKLY IT MAKES THEIR HAPPINESS STICK TO MY FINGERS~<3 Also card! I'm oblivious to cards, but this is Misty's Politoed, right? It says Kasumi no Nyorotono at the top. That's all I got. XD It's so cute and his pose is epic. I'm gonna need a card binder really soon! (Anyone got any Politoed ones? >>)

POKEMON TIME STRAP. YES. That brings my Time merch count to a whopping 3! XD Hey, gotta start somewhere. Only 8 more items to go, actually. The strap is about the size I expected, but for some reason I thought the packaging would be taller, haha. It's so compact and cute.

I've never seen the back of these, sooo... The little house? symbol is cute. XD

Closer shot of the charm from ushigofasweet :D Didn't he come out super cute? I'm really impressed with how symmetrical the face is. So adorable and tiny!

Speeeaaakinggg of customs...

I LOVE IT /shameless I feel terrible for being so proud of this honestly, but I just... I'm so happy with it, haha. I finally got myself some clay after wanting it for years but not knowing where to find it. This is my third creation but the first one I really liked. I can't wait to try making more~

Look at his face, seriously. XD I can't get over his lazy smile, haha. I'm so happy to have him! I got him from the GB shiningmew held a few weeks ago. :D He's so big compared to his pre-evolutions:

Aren't they cute though? XD Tympole is named Lemon, Palpitoad is named Meringue, and Seismitoad is named Biff Pie. Because of reasons. So happy to have the set. They're all so sofffttt

SO YEAH THIS THING. No idea it existed until aleyina suddenly said she saw a Politoed on an insert that came with a Wobbuffet strap she got in that day. I saw the photo and FLIPPED MY LID. She sold me the Wobbuffet and included the insert and I just. Waaaahhhh.

This Politoed strap is my ultimate grail right now. If you have any information on it, photos of the actual strap, or -- somehow -- actually have the strap and are willing to sell, I will give you my internal organs for it. All of them. Or, y'know, less messy things, like money. Whatever floats your boat.

All I know is it's presumably some kind of capsule machine toy since it came in a Pokeball capsule and has that insert. It was released in 2000 by Banpresto, and the Japanese I can read says "Pokemon Mascot Strap." The plush itself is very tiny, Wobbuffet only measuring 2in/5cm tall. The hands are sewn together to hug a rubber strap.


The milestone isss... I now have every official Politoed figure (that I know of) except for the clear Politoed Kid!

LOOK AT THEM. LOOK AT THEM AND THEIR PRECIOUS FROGGY FACES. AREN'T THEY SO BEAUTIFUL AND GREEN. ♥♥♥ I keep looking out for metal figures and the like but I have no idea if they actually exist, so yeah. If you know of any figures I don't have please, please, please tell me! :D

I'm also especially pleased to have the Battle Museum figure because it's the one figure I needed to officially "join" my Politoeds with my( boyfriend's) Wobbuffets! (The story in sum: he loved Wobbuffet, I did not, then I was converted and said I must co-own the collection. XD) See:

I had this spot saved on the shelf since I moved the Wobbuffets up to my Politoed shelf. IT IS FILLED AT LAST. Ahh my Politoeds make me so happy and bubbly inside. ;o;

And in case anyone was wondering if a clear Politoed Kid DOES really exist (as I've been asked a few times), the absolutely amazing lulupin found photographic evidence!!!! Oohhh and aaahhh with me. ;A; It's so beautiful. I want it so much.

Finally, one last thing...

THIS KIND OF MAKES ME SAD. No, not the drawing, but the fact that I almost never knew it was there. I got a non-Pokemon package from meeka_meerkat today and I ripped off the contents paper before tossing the bubble mailer since it's something for my mom and I didn't want her to see -- AND I SEE THIS FACE. ;A; So cute. It just makes me wonder if I've ever missed any other doodlings on a package due to a poorly placed paper or mail sticker of some kind. Sad days. I couldn't get any more white off it, but I cut it out to keep anyway. XD
Tags: bonsly, collection, custom, politoed, wobbuffet
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