rhetorikakrobat (rhetorikakrobat) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Questions about group buys, auctions and shipping.

Hello fellow PKMNCollectors,

i came across a few interesting Pokémon-related lots on my local branch of EBay recently, and would like to make one or more the subject of future group auctions. I did read the GA rules already, and also would like to request a co-host, since this would be my first group auction. Problem is, one of those lots consists of a small collection of Pokémon TFG/Kaiyodo figurines. They appear to be extremely fragile, and some of them even arrived broken when i last ordered them in their original packages. Even if the seller states that they will package them with care, you probably understand why i am so worried. So, what should be taken into account when shipping TFG figures? By the way, shipping from my country seems really expensive, i should include that in a possible post, right? And am i allowed to receive the items, or would the co-host have to do that, since i have no prior expierience?

Also, what should happen if some items did not get a claim? Would i be allowed to simply keep them as my own once the package arrives at my home? I do not intend to make enormous profit by selling them for high prices, but since i am more of a casual and spontaneous collector, i see a possible opportunity for my collection there.

Leaves the last question. What about blind-boxed items such as Zukan capsules, Clipping or Candy figures which eventually would have to be opened before shipping. Is auctioning/buying them generally not recommended?

Any help is appreciated, thank you in advance.
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