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Canvas Collection Update! - Reintroduction (:

It's been over a year since I joined the community, so I guess it's time to do a reintroduction! As well as a collection update!

I am Jan, I live in Hong Kong and I work full time, I spent my free time on gaming and crafting usually. As you can tell from my username, my favourite pokemon is Poliwhirl! After that would be Turtwig, Sewaddle and Swadloon (Hence my username on DA).

This is my bed side shelf :D I think I really want more poliwhirls, but there's not a lot of whirls out there ;_; If you have any poliwhirl plushes you are willing to sell (that is not on my shelf), please let me know! I really want more to this almost-never-grown poliwhirl plush collection! I am really hoping to get the gameboy bag and backpack right now.

(Yes, I have a lot of Turtwig pokedolls of different versions XD)

I actually collect zukans too, but I need to re-arrange the shelf, so I will do that later (:

However, in order not to make the post super long, today I am just bringing you my Canvas collection! 
I love the older canvas plush so much, especially most of them have beanies ;o; A bit disappointed with the new ones though :(

^ I forgot to photo these two below, so I will include them here. (Sorry Lapras and Cherrim ;-;)

Firstly! A friend of mine visited Korea a while ago, and I bugged asked her to help me get the pokemon plushes from the infamous Pokemon Story! She helped me bought all these (and the lapras I forgot to photographed earlier)! They were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CHEAP in Korea ;o;!!

How Cheap? They cost less than $8 each in the store OMG!
So ya, I got all these that would have costed me at least $20-$35 each (before shipping) on the internet for about 1/3 - almost 1/5 of the original price 8D
We all love South Korea, don't we?
Sadly they were sold out of shaymin canvas when my friend got there ;o; If anyone has one for sale please let me know! I won't ask you to sell it to me for $8, but I am hoping to get it for at most $20 MWT before shipping, as that's how much ebay has them for (except they charge $35 for international, jerk :K).

Next off! I finally got my Lake Trio Canvas complete! I got Uxie quite a while ago but I finally gotten my hands on Azelf and Mesprit! Its a weird auction though, the seller has cut of their tush tags, but kept their hang tags. So yea, I got these plushes without the tush tag and with hang tag, and I actually can't debate if I prefer having the tush tag over having a hang tag... but I will hold onto these for now lol
^ tush-tagless Azelf and Mesprit :(

This is how I stored my canvas usually (:
(+ a few other plushes)

If you asked, my favourite canvas is this 2006 Turtwig Canvas! It's so detailed and doesn't face plants.
It's also my favourite Turtwig plush ever, and my most expensive one too (despite the small size)

Lastly! Have a group photo! I can't resist taking one arranged like this! Maybe I should look onto making a shelf to arrange my canvases according to colour ;u;

That's all for now from me :D

Thanks a lot for reading and thanks a lot to everyone who have helped me out n_n

Tags: canvas, collection
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