guppydoo (guppydoo) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Japanese cards!

Since I watched a certain pokémon TCG box opening livestream over here I've been really pumped to get japanese cards as well, especially newer cards. I just hate how thin the new english cards are. I seriously thought I had gotten a bunch of fakes, but a friend of mine confirmed that they were real, they've just changed the material used for the cards. (I picked up collecting the TCG again this spring, after not being actively doing so since 2001.)

But the japanese cards still seem to be nice and thick. So I'm wondering if there is a good place to buy japanese cards over the internet, new and old. I've looked around ebay and they don't seem too expensive, but I still don't want to risk being tricked into buying fakes/extremely overpriced cards.

Really want some of the new beautiful Umbreon and Flareon cards. *v*
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