Lissie (mamoswine) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Magnets and other things sales!

I came back from my trip to Japan a few days ago (and I really gotta do an update with everything I got eventually!!) and as it turns out, I actually don't have much to resell!! :'D I had fun buying lots of magnets looking for Cobalions though, so here's all my leftovers along with some other things!!

-I have been in the community since 2007, and have been "grandfathered" with sales permission!
-I accept PayPal only, and will ship worldwide. It may take me up to a week or more to ship your things! I ship from Phoenix, AZ, USA.
-I have cats! I take extra care to make sure they are away from my items and packing supplies, but please don't be surprised if you find a cat hair!
-I prefer not to do holds. I expect payment within 24 hours, so please let me know ASAP if you are not interested.
-No haggling please! I am not looking to trade either.

Magnets! That glow in the dark! Some/most sheets have lines of black stuff on them, and they came out package that way. If you rub at them a little, it seems to come off though. Please describe which sheet and link to images with your requested magnets so there isn't any confusion! $3 ea.
Sheet 1: Axew
Sheet 2: Audino
Sheet 3: Pikachu x2, Oshawott x2, Axew x2
Sheet 4: Bouffalant
Sheet 5: Pikachu, Pignite

Sheet 1: Audino x2, Swanna x2
Sheet 2: Keldeo, Pignite
Sheet 3: Crustle, Cryogonal

Sheet 1: Pikachu x2, Virizion x2, White Kyurem x2
Sheet 2: Pikachu x2, Kyurem x2, Cobalion x1

Sheet 1: Black Kyurem, Terrakion, Pikachu
Sheet 2: Black Kyurem, Keldeo, Oshawott
Sheet 3: White Kyurem
Sheet 4: White Kyurem, Keldeo, Snivy

Movie theater charms!
$5 ea.

Regular White Kyurem: $7 (on temp. hold; feel free to request)
Secret rares White Kyurem (on temp. hold; feel free to request) and Resolution forme Keldeo: $10 ea.

Last time I'll be offering these for sale! All are $2 ea., or one free with every $5 spent!

Thank you!! :3

Also, a quick want! I've given in to my love for Krookodile... I sold off his stationary stamp before I started to collect him, so I seeking to repurchase him again! Thanks in advance!!
Tags: sales, wanted
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