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Hi so resently i brought a poor pokemon plush wich had been given a makeover which didnt turn out quite right. Not all the comunity members will know what im on about but i thought id make this post to show that ??????? has made a full recovery and has made lots of new friends.

who that pokemon

did you guess right??? its manaphy
so bellow are some before and after shots of manaphy.
This post is basicaly to show all those people who felt sorry for manaphy she is all better.
old manaphy topmanaphy top
First up i sewed up the holes on her antenna things.
manaphy backmanaphy tag
I felt sorry that she didnt have a tag so i used one of my own woven tags (i make one of a kind bears)
old manaphy frountmanphy frount
She had pen all over her face and back it was permanent market and it took forever to get it out. I washed her in the washing machine first then soaked her in a stain remover then actualy used fairy washing up liquid and used my nail to scrub marks and finally washed her in machine again. i wouldn't recomend anyone do this it was just manaphy was in a bad state.oh and i put manaphy in a pillow case to stop eyes from scratching on inside of washing machine.After all the washing i only air dryed her been nice and sunny in uk past few of days.
old manaphy backmanaphy back
Though i dont think you can see it on the right photo she still has faint wrighting.One more wash and it would be out but i dont mind it.
she has made lots of friends my new jirachi 1:1 in particular
jirachi manaphy

Big thanks to dezchu who i brought manaphy off.
If anyone knows anything about manaphy what plush?where originally from(pokemon center)?or if you have the same manaphy i would love to see some photos.any info would be much appreciated thank you for viewing my post please tell me of any mistakes in post im still getting used to creating a post.
Edit: I've just decided that if anyone has any plush which are in a poor state and would sell them for 0-£3 not including postage please send me some photos and I might buy them off you and post there make over.

As well please tell me if you have enjoyed this post if you do I might do another soon and if there are any improvements I can make.

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