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Sales Reminder + Last Call for I <3 Eevee Deposit Payment!

Hi community! This is my one and only reminder that I stop taking offers for the Milotic Squirter Figure and these rare 1988 Banpresto Toru Toru Mascot Keychain figures (Vulpix, Prof. Oak and Ash) in slightly more than 24hrs - on 28 July, Saturday, 10PM New York time! (Countdown timer here.) Click on either picture to proceed! There are also MPCs, more mascot keychain figures, zukans and other items leftover from the last post, feel free to check them out :D

Finally, paging the following people as the final people who have yet to pay their I Love Eevee Keychain Plush Wave 2 deposits! The deadline for payments is 28 July Saturday - those who do not contact me or make payment by the weekend will be left negative feedback and have your orders officially cancelled, so do at least give me a heads up if for whatever reason you can't make payment yet! For those who sought extensions, your name is not listed below but I have noted your requests and you are still left unmarked on the official Wave 2 deposit payment/request page.


However, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you guys who have participated in all three I Love Eevee bulk buy orders I've run so far! The majority of you have been nothing but amazing, co-operative, prompt with payment and an utter pleasure to work with, and for that I'm very grateful. ^^ Have a great weekend ahead guys!
Tags: espeon, flareon, glaceon, jolteon, milotic, vulpix
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