Amy N. (mellow_candy) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Amy N.

Pichu pokedoll collection ;)

I accomplished my collecting goal!

I aim to collect all the variants of Pichu Pokedoll. I can say that I have a soft spot towards Pichu. You can't deny it's cute!
Collecting different varieties of one Pokedoll type is fun! Pichu has quite a fair bit amount of Pokedoll merchs, but I focus more on the Pokedolls. It's very interesting to see the differences in the plush pattern, fabric and colours.

MWT Tufty Pichu was the best acquisition I got this year for sure. It's my favourite of all the Pichu Pokedolls! ;)
I think there might be a Japanese Pichu Pokedoll release, but anyhow I consider this collection as complete.

Tufty and his brother.

US Gizamimi (left), JPN Gizamimi (right). I prefer the US version as it is rounder!

So now I can do this! :p

Many special thanks to mizuhokusanagi and puyro for helping me complete this collection! <3

I'd also like to take the opportunity to show off some of my most recent gets and favourite plushes. <3

These two complement each other so well! At first I only got Reshiram. Zekrom was a more recent addition to the duo.

The fuzzy Bulbasaur is my most favourite Bulbasaur plush ever made. It's so unbelieveably soft and fuzzy! I think the Bulbasaur canvas plush and this plush share a very similar pattern.

Are Pokedolls getting smaller? Cobalion is about the same size compared to the Glaceon canvas plush. I love the awesome blue fabric used on Cobalion though!

Other than Eevee, both are the only Eeveelution canvas plushes that smile! I love them dearly <3 I secretly want Espeon and Vaporeon though

My PlushPlush plushes! The Meowth PlushPlush was a very lucky get.

To end, I have a small sales update.

Thanks all!

Tags: pichu, pokedolls
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