Fiz (fiztheancient) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Metal Figure Group Buy!

Brought to you by myself and aarux!

  • I will be doing buying and shipping (I ship from Midwest USA)
  • aarux will be doing totals and spreadsheets.
  • This is a lot on eBay
  • We have 4 days before the sale on the lot is over.
  • Each figure will be $4.86 before fees and shipping.
  • There will be two payments: one from shipping from ebay, one from me shipping to you
  • I will be claiming the Copper Mantyke and the Gold Mantyke
  • aarux will be claiming the Gold Gyarados
Leave a comment to claim a figure, I will not be making individual threads.

Claims List:
Bronze Piplup 1:
Bronze Piplup 2:
Copper Piplup:
Pewter Gyarados: orangey_blue
Copper Gyarados: toda
Gold Gyarados: aarux
Gold Turtwig:
Silver Turtwig:
Copper Pikachu: tenshihikaru86
Silver Pikachu: tenshihikaru86
Pewter Chimchar: papercaked
Bronze Munchlax: ewokie
Gold Munchlax 1: ewokie
Gold Munchlax 2: munchcollector
Copper Mantyke:fiztheancient
Bronze Mantyke 1: tennathing
Bronze Mantyke 2: dragonrider49
Gold Mantyke: fiztheancient

Tags: chimchar, gyarados, mantyke, munchlax, pikachu, piplup, turtwig
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