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Cards Wants

Hey PKMNCollectors! Sorry I don't post more often, I keep shopping but I have trouble finding anything in my broke price range.

I'm trying to update my Arcanine card collection, and thought the community might want to get rid of some cards, since not many people seem to like them as much as I do. :) If you are willing to sell me any of these cards, I'd love to take them off your hands. List after the cut.

I've included links to a stock picture of the cards I'm looking for, so it might not match exactly, but I'm looking for just the variations listed to make a 'complete' collection (JP = Japanese, Holo, Rev Holo, etc.). The name in parenthesis after some of the cards appears to be the name of the series it's from in Japan? I'm not really sure, I'm just going off of the Bulbapedia list. Also, some of these might not even exist, I'm kind of guessing they do. :P

Aquapolis Holo
Aquapolis (JP) (No town on the Map)
Aquapolis Holo (JP) (No town on the Map)
Light Arcanine (JP) (Darkness, and to Light)
Skyridge Holo
EX Sandstorm (JP) (Magma vs Aqua: Two Ambitions)
Arcanine G (JP)
EX FireRed LeafGreen (JP) (Flight of Legends)
Secret Wonders (JP) (Shining Darkness)
HeartGold Soul Silver (JP) (Heart Gold Collection)
Next Destinies Rev Holo
Next Destinies Rev Holo
Intro Pack (JP) (Squirtle Deck)

I haven't listed all the variations of Japanese cards, because it's harder to confirm which ones were printed it seems, so Holo/Normal doesn't matter as much for those.

Lastly, if you have any Arcanine cards I haven't listed, let me know and I might have just missed them while making the list! Even if you're not willing to sell it to me, show me a picture and make me jealous.

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