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wants :3

Hello everyone, I'm really sorry for such a boring post D:. Today I come to you with some wants! :3 So without further ado, here we go!

Suicune- I'm looking for any plush,especially  the  normal and shiny Pokedoll. I've seen the normal one go for $15-$20 and I'd like to get one for somewhere in that price range :) 

 DX pillow plush- it's a shot in the dark, but If you have one kicking around,I will pay a generous amount for one of these bad boys
-Wooper pokedoll- A tagless one on ebay sold for about $40 a month ago but I've seen them go for much more.
-DX wooper pillow plush- I have no idea what these guys go for. Is $50 too low?
zukan- these guys aren't too uncommon. I'd pay up to $20 shipped  for one.

Pokedoll-there's one on Pokevault for $50, but Brian has a tenancy to overprice stuff :/
zukan- $8? I haven't seen too many of these around so I'm not sure what they go for.

Tags: abomasnow, quagsire, snover, suicune, wooper, zukan
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