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big SALES update!

I've been putting this off but now it's here, finally another sales update! In my sales post you will find figures, trading cards, chinese bootleg cards remember these, pokedolls, MIP bouncers and charms Most of this stuff features eevee and it's evolutions!

On stuff I have offered previously discounts have been made, there are also some LOT DEALS!


I also have some rare TCG that I'm going to auction off in this post:


I'm weeding the doubles of my eevee TCG collection as I don't really need doubles. I know some prices are high but it's the price I'm willing to let them go for. I don't mind keeping them as they don't take up any real space.
NOTE: Neo discovery Umbreon & Espeon which can be seen in the teaser have been moved to my sales post and are STRAIGHT SALE now!

- Sales permission granted by Dakajojo on 21/07/2011

- No sniping.

- I accept paypal only from non-European buyers. Within Europe I'll also accept bank transfers if possible (saves you the Paypal fee)

- I require payment within 24 hrs after the auction ends. If you need an extention, please ask before bidding.

- I ship worldwide from the Netherlands

- I often use recycled bubble evelopes/boxes etc. to spare the environment and to save us both extra costs. Don't worry though I will pack your items securely!

- I am not responsible for items becoming lost in the mail. Please ask if you want insurance or tracking (warning, it's expensive)

- Backing out of a bid will result into negative feedback from me.

- Bidding ends tuesday the 31st of July at 00.00am (midnight) CET - Central European Time
Here's a countdown:

To the auctions:

Sabrina's Espeon VS card, condition: mint: starts at $18,-

Espeon Neo Discovery, condition: mint: straight sale $10,-

Umbreon Neo Discovery, condition: mint: straight sale $10,-

Flareon Goldstar, condition allmost near mint (some whitening on the back)
starts at $20,-

Pikachu countdown calender 2008, with golden snowflake stamp, condition: mint: starts at $25,-
(I have more countdown calendar cards available in mint condition, please ask if interested)

Please wait untill I have created the threads!
Feel free to ask me for additional images or any questions you may have in the question/comments thread :)

Thank you and happy bidding

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