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Japan Swag Sale!

I was recently in Japan for the movie! While my collection update would warrant a post of its own, I do have a few leftover goodies to offer to the community. :D

Sales Guidelines:
- Paypal only! I ship from the USA to anywhere and therefore only accept US currency.
- Prices do not include shipping or fees. Shipping costs are individually listed and fees are determined by the total price of products and shipping costs.
- I will not hold items for you or another person as I have had bad experiences with holds in the past.
- Please pay within 24 hours of receiving a total! I won't be angry if you don't (unless you don't respond at all, for which negative feedback will be left) but making me wait too long for a payment without any contact makes me anxious and unhappy. :(
- If you ask for a price quote, please let me know if you wish to purchase or pass on the item in a timely manner.
- No haggling at this time, please!
- Please wait up to a week for me to ship items! I try to ship as soon as possible, but life is unpredictable.
- Offers have no set ending date and will end when no new offers have been posted in a timely manner (after a sales reminder) or when I see an offer I can't refuse.
- Feedback: right here! Sales permission was granted to me at the beginning of time as a veteran member.
- No trades unless they're for the following items (or otherwise stated):
Braviary Retsuden stamp, domino & pan sticker
Staraptor clear kids figure & keshipoke
Movie 10 Cresselia Lunar Wing
Sky Plate Arceus Keshipoke

Pikachu 7-11 Ichiban Kuji Cup! Only ever removed to take a picture and immediately re-boxed. The box measures roughly 11 x 9 x 7.5 cm (4.5 x 4 x 3 in). Taking offers starting at $10.00 or will trade outright for an Ichiban Kuji Torchic or Piplup Pokedoll figure (within the USA)!
Shipping is $4.00 to the USA, $5.50 to Canada, $10.50 to everywhere else

Keldeo & Muskedeers pencil board! Mint in its original wrapping and measures roughly 26 x 18.5 cm (10 x 7.25 in). Pictures depict the front and back. $8.00
Shipping is an estimated $3.00 USA, $5.00 everywhere else- if the price of postage and packaging is less, I will refund the difference!

Black Kyurem Soft Glider! Poor thing took a slight beating in transit and is a bit unbalanced with a couple of slight creases as a result. :c $3.00
Virizion Retsuden stamp! Never used. $6.00
Rotom Charms! Normal, Wash, Heat, and Frost are $6.00 each. Mow Rotom is $8.00. Buy all five for $30.00!
Chandelure can badge! Exclusive to Aeon department stores in Japan and very recently released this month. Mint in package with a QR card for the new Pokedex 3D. Taking offers starting at $7.00!
Shipping for the above items is $2.50 USA, $3.00 everywhere else

Big one-page, double-sided spread covering Black/White 2 and Movie 15! Measures 54.5 x 40.5 cm (21.5 x 16 in). $3.00
Shipping is an estimated $3.50 USA, $4.50 everywhere else- if the price of postage and packaging is less, I will refund the difference!

Various flyers! $1.00 each or one free with any purchase of $5 or more.
The Namco coloring sheet (on top) and TCG flyer (on the bottom) are creased in the middle while the middle one (advertising a Pokemon summer camp) isn't but may need to be folded if not shipped with the above paper or the Keldeo pencil board.
Shipping for the above items is $2.50 USA, $3.00 everywhere else

I will gladly combine any items listed in my regular sales with any of the above items!

Tags: chandelure, charms, keldeo, pikachu, rotom, sales, virizion
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